Steve Barker

Tanami Street

Wagga Wagga

NSW 2650

0499 152 552

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© 2017 I am Enough Coaching.

ABN 42503797846

WWC #: WWC1056739E

ABOUT steve

I served my country for 26 years in the Air Force, where I worked all over the world. I have seen first hand the destruction humans are capable of.

Through my life I have studied Human Behaviours and Patterns, I have questioned why we do certain things, what motivates and inspires us. Why do people respond differently to the same stimulus. I have studied the human brain, how it works, and why it works the way it does. I have studied body language, the art of listening and communication. 

In the last 10 years of my military career I was an adult educator as well as a Tradesman. In my last 5 years I was handpicked to be a "Basic Recruit Instructor" and quickly learned that the "big nasty, shouting, drill Sergeant" was only a small part of the role.

I developed a skill to be able to mentor, facilitate, coach, assist and guide others to their desired outcomes, sharing the journey with them.

Using those skills and life experience of living all over the world, I am now assisting others on their journey to the become "The Very Best Versions of Themselves".

It is something I am very dedicated too, I am very passionate about, and gives me a great sense of pride, fulfilment and joy from doing. 


Hear how Steve jumped through a window of a local cafe to save a choking baby.