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Coaching Teenagers

I love working with teenagers....because they are so diverse, different, fresh thinking and challenging all at the same time.

I think back to times when I was a teenager and look at the teenagers of today and think, Wow, I did things like that too...

People say that this generation is so much worse than my generation, but really, fundamentally...they are the same, because they are still Human Beings that are growing, learning, developing just like everyone else.

I have learnt about Teenage development, why they think the way they do, why they do what they do, why they react the way that they do...and because I have taken the time to learn this...I "Get Them"!

I have worked with Teenagers from all walks of life...from Teens inside Juvenile Justice right up to privileged Teenagers who attend private schools. Yes they are different, yes the approach needs to be different, but the message is the same. The program that I deliver to Teenagers is exactly the same regardless of their background, social economic class, religion, gender or anything else....




Because the skills that we need in life are all the same. I help teenagers grow and develop their own toolbox of lifeskills. That toolbox is then theirs to keep and because they have grown and developed that toolbox in their own way, in their own environment, they have already calibrated each tool and are fully aware of its capacity and effectiveness. They will also poses the skills to be to continue and grow that toolbox of lifeskills to whatever size they wish too, because this is life long learning they are receiving.   


I also have had Teenagers that have refused to work with me, and that is fine as I can over ever work with individuals who are totally committed to the process. But that doesn't mean I still can't help.

I have designed a similar program for the parents, so they can work with me and I will share my skills and understanding to help parents to be able to better connect and understand their teenagers, but also to be able to have a calm and resourceful approach to teenage conflicts.


Let me introduce you too: - "Insight 4 Teens" & "Insight for Parents"


A 4 week course has been specifically designed to address the issues that teenagers face on a day to day basis.

In this course we will discuss, peer pressure, image, bullying, anxiety, performance pressures, isolation, family pressures, health and emotions, as well as many other influencing pressures.

So if your Teen is struggling to cope with their environment and the changes in their life. This maybe the course for them. In a judgement free, comfortable and safe environment, the course is designed not only to raise awareness, but to provide skills and strategies to be able to cope.

This is where we discuss what your Mum and Dad can’t explain and what your Teachers don’t tell you.

INSIGHT For parents

A 4 week course has been specifically designed to help parents, carers, guardians of Teenagers to understand and connect with the Teenagers in their lives.

Over the 4 weeks we will discuss:

Understanding the Teenagers Development and Growth Cycle

I will demonstrate through 2 models how Teenagers grow and develop. I am referring to the cyclical development of their understanding and attitude. Through this understanding you will be able to gauge where your Teenager(s) is with regard to these 2 models. By having that understanding, you can then choose your approach, strategies and level of conversation.


Communication or the lack of it

Communication is key to any relationship. We will discuss different ways in which you are able to communicate and disengage with your Teenager(s) at the appropriate time and level. By using these different styles of communication you will demonstrate to your Teenager(s) what is appropriate and inappropriate. You will also engender to them respect and integrity.


Trust and Respect

We can discuss how to improve Trust and Respect. Also, how you can address areas such as “Screen Time” “Cyber Bullying” “House Rules”. How to get your Teen to take Ownership and to apologise when needed.


Decoding the Emotion

In this session we discuss the multitude of emotions that affect all of us. Imagine being able to understand and control your emotions.

Now imagine being able to share this learning with your teenager and helping them understand and manage their emotions as well.


(Throughout all of the sessions we will be able to discuss specific behaviours and concerns and discuss different strategies that you may be able to use)

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