Families - living &

working together

living, schooling & working together in the same space!

how is it impacting you?

In this current period of time we are all having to adjust.

Kids are being home schooled. Parents are working from home...

Bosses are insisting that parents work the same hours and produce the same impact....

Schools are insisting that kids do their school work at home and parents are having to help...

Then on top of all that the housework and shopping needs to be done...

And finally you are all living on top of each other!

Is it no wonder, families are starting to argue and bicker with each other.....it's OK, you're not the only family to be experiencing this.

I am seeing this impact on social media, within the family unit of my clients, even in my own life....You are far from being the only one. 

The other thing to know is that this is normal human behaviour. I am sure you have heard of the phrase "cabin fever" this is exactly what the whole world is experiencing right now. 

The good news is that we don't have to be at each other's throat all the time, because when we can understand human behaviour we can create new perspectives, new understandings and this then improves tolerance and our personal behavioural flexibility. 

I have been assisting my clients with exactly this for the last 3 years and the results have been amazing. 

I had a gentlemen come to me seeking assistance with getting divorced and maintaining his mindset during the process, by the time we had finished working together he had been able to recognise not only the love for his wife, but his wife's love for him. They are still happily married and enjoying retirement together. This is the power of understanding human behaviour patterns.

May I introduce a program that will assist your entire family unit to bring more calm and tolerance to this period of time where we are all confined together. Even more, what you will gain from this program will benefit your family for many more years to come and even enhance other relationships, both personally and professionally. 

During this program I will share with you:


✅   The foundational information behind all human interactions and why we do what we do. These are the core drivers of human behaviour and when we can understand them, not only can we recognise ourselves and where we are, we can recognsie others. Thus growing more awareness, understanding and ultimately tolerance. 

✅  Discover how we can manage our own expectations of others, situations and even ourselves. Because when our expectations are not met we feel disappointed, if our expectations are continually dashed we become depressed and feel hopeless. 

✅  Uncover the secret to finding a moments peace in the chaos so that you can think clearly and make good choices and responses, rather than flying off the handle with knee jerk reactions.

✅  Emotions, do we really understand them? Are we able to fully embrace and experience an emtion to it's completion in a healthy way that allows us to continue with life around us? You will have the tools and skills to be able to do this by the end of this program. 

Behavoural flexibility, this means to have the awareness and skills to be present to a situation and still reamin calm whilst all hell is breaking loose around you. How to discuss boundaries without making it sound like you are moaning all the time. How to give and take feedback without it feeling like a personal attack. 

How to bring calm and peace to your life, your family life, your intimate relationships....how to function on all levels and do this with love and grace.

Does this sound like a powerful way to live?

Can you imagine how different life will be if you had all of these tools in your toolbox....

How about if everyone else had these tools in your family too?

Everything I share with you is then yours to share with your family, so you all have the awareness, the tools and the ability to live and work together....

Now imagine how powerful these tools will be after this period of crazy times?

how does it work?

This program has 4 modules (plus bonus materials) that you will receive weekly through an email which will contain all of the materials required to cover that week’s module including videos, models, written explanations and additional bonus materials.

You will also receive full support to assist you with your journey from me, my name is Steve (oooh I was voted one of the top 5 Coaches in Australia 2019 by the International Coaching Guild). This support includes personal access to me, including phone calls and where necessary laser coaching.

why this program?

Because there is nothing else out there like this (well not that I have seen anyway) that provides the tools, strategies, insights and learnings that are delivered in an easy to understand, relevant way. Which also includes all the materials, videos and break downs so you can share it with your family and you get to keep it for future use and reference....


Because this is life long learning

how much?

To access this online program with full support and a multitude of materials and resources your investment today is $159.

$159 to access 4 life changing modules, + bonus material, full support and all of the videos, models, written explanations.

This program will give you all the tools and skills you need to bring peace and harmony back to your family life and yourself. Even more to enhance your intimate relationship with your husband/wife/partner for the rest of your life......then there is the massive positive impact these changes will have on your life externally of your family, with your friends, colleagues and the let's not forget the advantages that those ripple effects will create in your work life and in your life generally. 

Does that sound like a good investment of your time and money?

So are you in? 

what next?

Simply click the order now button and you will be taken to a secure payment site where you can make your payment.

Once payment is received you will receive an email within 1 hour and you will then be able to start accessing the program. 

If you have not received an email within 1 hour, please first check your junk folder and if you still have nothing, please email me steve@iamenoughcoaching and I will get you sorted. 

I look forward to seeing you in the program


Steve Barker

Tanami Street

Wagga Wagga

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