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Quality Questions

We have the ability to ask ourselves high quality questions in order to get high quality answers. Click here to find out these important questions.
Quality Questions

The human brain is one of the most powerful machines available to us. It enables us to think and ask ourselves quality questions in order to get high quality answers. It may take days for the answers to percolate their way through but they eventually do.

For instance, ask any teenager what they did at school and they are likely to say “they didn’t do a lot”. This is an example of a poor quality question. A good quality question would be asking them to share something they learned today that they didn’t know before they went to school this morning.

Whether they like it or not, their brain will begin seeking that information. To get a good quality answer, you can ask them to think about it and share it with you when they figure it out. High quality questions open your mind and increase your curiosity.

Here are some good quality questions you must ask yourself:

1. What Do I Not Know?

An initial response to this question could be how you are supposed to know what you don’t know. The question is, in fact, meant to ignite your curiosity about answers that you can potentially figure out.

It presupposes that someone else already knows. For instance, when man decided he was going to land on the moon, there was a lot anxiousness and curiosity in the air. Nobody knew what the moon’s surface was like. Digital photography was invented so that pictures of the moon could be reproduced on Earth using frequencies. The expedition to the moon was a significant moment in history where people asked themselves what they didn’t know.

2. What Am I Choosing to Believe, Think, Feel, Do, or Not Do?

This is a useful question when we are going over things and getting the same results repeatedly. Ask yourself what you choose to believe and not believe.

Belief is a common assumption to make sense of what we are experiencing around us. When you ponder over this multidimensional question, you can change your perspective about situations. The meaning we give something determines whether or not we will perform an action. Ask yourself this question and ultimately your brain will give you an answer.

3. What Would Love Do?

The first step here is to define what love is. We all have our own perspective of love. Even if we can’t pin-point what love exactly is, we often have a good understanding of what it is not.

Define what love means for you. When you apply the term to a situation, it can change the whole scenario.

When we get down to the nitty-gritty of life choices and decisions, we need to ask ourselves high quality questions to get high quality answers. These answers would eventually result in getting high quality outcomes.

We need to work out which questions we should be asking. High quality questions will evoke good quality thoughts and decisions from yourself and ultimately enhance your discussions, relationships, and eventually, your life.

To discover more about what the human mind is capable of, visit my website and check out One on One Coaching and Inner Work podcasts.

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