WTF is Mental Health...? and what does Mental Health actually mean?

We are constantly told, particularly at the moment with COVID-19 how important it is to maintain our Mental Health...

But what is Mental Health, do you need to be a psychologist to do this?

In this short video I de-bunk the jargon and get down to what Mental Health is, how we can calibrate and recognise where we currently are...

Yes this is a very simple way of looking at Mental Health, but isn't life complex enough at the moment without us adding to it? Let's keep it simple and we can work on it from there...

Oh, and when I recorded this I decided to include an offer for the first 5 people who sent me their email address would be given access for free to one of my online programs. If you want to be in with a chance, email your email address now using this link or you can visit my website

If you are entering, good luck....I hope you enjoy this short video and find it useful.

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