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Tanami Street

Wagga Wagga

NSW 2650

0499 152 552

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WWC #: WWC1056739E

"inner work" workshop 

23rd February

Wagga Wagga 10am-4pm

What is this workshop about

Discover the key to unlocking your inner-self & potential that is currently hidden behind anxiety & fear, in a safe & supportive environment.

In this workshop I will share the basic principles to unlocking your inner self and your potential through the use of easy to understand and implement strategies and ideas.

Everything we will ever need to have the life we dream of already within us, however for many people those resources and skills remain locked away behind a door of fear and anxiety.

By attending this workshop you will be provided with various keys to start unlocking those doors and exploring what is on the other side.

To give you a taste of what what we will be discussing, discovering and unpacking in this workshop I have put together some blogs and free resources that will provide you with some insights, new perspectives, ideas and resources that you will find useful for this forthcoming workshop. 

Access these blogs and free resources now using the green buttons below marked "Bonus material and resources"

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Content of the workshop

Attitude of Gratitude – how to create an attitude of gratitude and the benefits of it. (for a bit of taste of this, I have written a blog which you can access here, also contained within the blog is a resource that will assist you as well -  Access the Blog and FREE Resource here)

My 3 Selves – Learn about the 3 levels of self that are contained within all of us and how breaking through them will empower us to connect fully with our inner-self and potential. (to learn a little more about this model and to assist you with some ground work before the workshop I have written a blog and a link to a free resource that will massively assist you in growing your self-esteem and removing your masks - Access the Blog and FREE Resource here)

Vital Needs – Discover the inner world needs and how they correlate with our outer world needs. During this exploration we will discuss elements such as Boundaries, Emotional Intimacy, To Matter and To Love. (Once again, I have written a blog where I share with you an insight and a strategy that will enable you to press the pause button on life and get a healthy perspective on what is really going on - Access the blog and FREE Rescource here)

Vulnerability – We will unpack vulnerability and discover how it is actually the key to meaningful relationships and should be embraced rather than hiding away from it. (Yep, you guessed it, here is a blog that will provide you with more insights and perspectives on Vulnerability. Yes, there is another FREE Resource too - Access the blog and FREE Resource here)

7 Key Areas of Choice – Every single thing that happens in our life is a result of a choice that we have made, even the crappy stuff. We will discuss, unpack and shed light on the 7 Key Areas of Choice that impact us the most. Because, when we have understanding, we have greater perspective and with that understanding we can much better, informed, choices that will positively impact us.