Steve Barker

Tanami Street

Wagga Wagga

NSW 2650

0499 152 552

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© 2017 I am Enough Coaching.

ABN 42503797846

WWC #: WWC1056739E

What is Coaching

The easiest way to describe what can be achieved is if you take the analogy of a personal trainer at a Gym.

If you go to a gym and you spend hundred of dollars on your membership you will want to get great value for money...  


You have joined the gym for a reason; to get fit and be healthy, now you can do this on your own, by doing some weights, going on the treadmill, rower or bike.


You may start to see a difference and feel better.....but just how sustainable is that?...who is going to be there to push you through the tough times?

Now imagine you have a personal trainer there, by your side encouraging you, holding you accountable, helping you reach your goals that you set, even more...smashing through those goals.


Having that personal trainer will make the difference between attending the gym and maximising your investment of money and time at the gym and getting every ounce of worth value.


This is exactly what a Coach does for you in life...

The most valuable real estate you’ll ever invest in is the space between your ears!

Those who choose to invest in developing their most important asset - their mindset - are the ones who are going to be the most successful in life and business!

80% of our success comes from how we use our psychology, and only 20% comes from strategy.

So this means your mindset is always your most powerful tool in mastering life!


I work with you, to help you master your mindset and to master your life.


Together we come up with a plan, we work out what is holding you back and we smash through that barrier.


Then step by step, with a laser like focus we move forward. Learning, growing and developing all the time.

This is how I work with clients, this is how I help them achieve their desired goals.


I have helped hundreds of people with my proven programs and skills.


I can help you go from unmotivated and lethargic to driven, inspired and achieving in just a matter of a few sessions.

This is your life, you only get one! So do you want to exist within your life, or do you want to live your life in the best possible way?