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How may I assist you?

Learn, Grow & Develop 

at your own pace.

Keep ahead of the rest by maintaining your Personal Development

Humans are your most valuable resource.

Invest in them and they will give back tenfold to your business

Become a Leader with the vital emotional skills to truly connect with all of those around them

Tailor made coaching to meet your specific needs and to give you the tools to change your life forever

A little bit about me...

Steve Barker is a Royal Air Force veteran from the UK. For 26 years Steve served his country.


Moving to Australia in 2013, he brings with him his worldly experience and knowledge from serving and
living globally for the best part of his adult life.

Known for being a people’s person, a leader and a behavioral expert, Steve uses over 15 years of
leadership, training and mentoring experience to life by sharing his insights, lessons and wisdom
with others.

Based in the Australian inland city of Wagga Wagga, NSW; Steve serves both local and international clients, covering all walks of life. Steve assists his clients achieve excellence in their desired outcomes through a blend of coaching, facilitating and mentoring.


He structures life changing workshops and one on one coaching with a variety of groups and communities bringing about graceful, life enhancing changes.

Steve is also an accomplished Public Speaker and has been delivering Keynote Speaking and running
Team Training Events for Business such as Bendigo Bank and Charles Sturt University.

Recreationally Steve likes to spend time by the sea, paddle boarding and learning to surf.


Steve loves personal development and is constantly studying, growing and developing himself so that he can serve his clients in the best possible way.

“My Mission is to positively impact as many people I can, with the skills I have now” - Steve Barker

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