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raw coaching

RAW Coaching is an ideal way to try Coaching, it is also a very affordable way to access the services of a professional Coach.

RAW Coaching is exactly that....Raw. We will work around a particular area, we will work for between 1 and 2 hours (depending on the subject matter and level of interaction). You will leave the session with more understanding, greater awareness and a strategy or two to assist you to move forward. 

RAW Coaching is a session by session - step by step - controlled at your pace....you choose the frequency of your sessions. You may only want one session every 6 months, you may want a session once a month....you may want a coaching session this week and next week.....and then nothing for 3 months. The time frame is completely under your control.

RAW Coaching is available to you at anytime, just use the chat box below to send me a message or the button below to give me a call or even email me - steve@iamenoughcoaching.com 

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