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Business coaching and team development

6 Steps to Employee Retention - Free Video

6 easy to follow steps to assist you in improving employee retention and growing your business

is this business coaching for you?

Experiential Training is widely in use in the US and Europe and is only just starting to arrive in the capital cities of Australia. However, at the moment it is rare to find this type of training anywhere in Regional Australia.

This powerful type of training and facilitation is heavily used in growing and developing teams, maximising culture and increasing the impact of every single team member to ensure optimum effectiveness and efficiency within teams. 


It has even gone one stage further - Experiential Interviewing is now a technique that leading companies are using to ensure that their recruitment process identifies and recruits exactly the right person for the position i.e. a star shaped person for star shaped position, not a square shaped person who needs to hammered into a star shaped hole. 


This style of business coaching, facilitation and training vastly improves: 


✔️    Staff Retention

✔️    Loyalty and Efficiency

✔️    Growth and Development of Teams and Individuals

✔️    Higher Levels of Communication and Tolerance

✔️    Implementation of Business/Company Ethics and Values

I am Enough Coaching has enhanced this Business Coaching / Training style by blending it with "Human Behavioural" Coaching to provide even more depth and value to the Business Coaching experience.

A businesses staff is its biggest asset

Let's not beat about the bush...
  • Your staff are the only reason why you have a business at all.

  • You cannot operate without high quality, functional, dependable and reliable staff.

  • Your staff are the forward facing part of your business. They are the first point of contact for all your business transactions.

  • Disenfranchised staff cost businesses millions of dollars every year.

  • The average cost to replace a member of staff is one third of the annual wage of that staff member.

  • Well trained staff are more loyal, productive and effective, because, they feel like a valued member of the team when they are invested in.

I am Enough Coaching is the only Professional Trainer in Australia to use this unique blend of Facilitation, Coaching, Mentoring and Experiential Training to provide business coaching and team development, thus enabling the business to harness the very best from their most powerful and valuable asset - their staff!

Through this unique blend many companies have now realised the full potential of their staff. Even more than this, the staff feel valued and have worth, because they can take what they have learnt from the workshops and apply it in every aspect of their lives, at home, socially, in their relationships.....everywhere.

CEO's and Directors have told me their staff's productivity has dramatically improved and their loyalty to the business is increased, because they feel part of the business, because they have been given the opportunity to grow with the business. 

experiential training Explained

Experiential Training has been used to massive success in the USA and the UK for the last 20 years. They have even taken it to another level now, and are using Experiential Interviews, to find the best suitable candidate for a position.

But what is it?

Simply put, it is learning through experience. The twist is to make it fun as well as educational, because it is fun and challenging as well as being inclusive for all, the learning takes place subconsciously at first.

Activities are designed so that the team are fully engaged and involved with in the task. The magic happens in the debrief or wash-up at the end of each of the activities. A skilled facilitator will be able to facilitate the discussion toward a desired outcome. 

This outcome will have already been determined by the Stakeholder and the Facilitator prior to the Experiential Training taking place.

Through the facilitator, the group de-brief themselves. The facilitator will ask questions and share observations that will help the group to discover key learnings and understandings. Because the group have discovered the key learnings and understandings for themselves, they then take ownership of those new learnings and understandings...

That is the magical point right there, when they take ownership. Because it is through that ownership that they will then start to implement those new learnings and understandings into their day to day tasks and lives. 

Why? ...Because they came up with them, it is their ideas.

This is the beauty of Experiential Training, it is fun, it is inclusive, it is powerful and it belongs to the beholder of the experience.

That beholder will then apply it to their lives and it will become part of their being. It will change their lives, because they own that information, it is theirs.

testimonials from companies already benefiting from experiential training