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Coaching for individuals

Coaching is very different to seeing a counsellor or a psychologist.

Coaching is all about implementing change, about taking action and moving forward. 

Many of my clients have tried counsellors and psychologists before, as have I...and felt that nothing really changed, apart from their bank balances.

When my clients work with me, we not only deal with the underlying, subconcious issues, we come up with practical, fact and evidence based strategies that work to assist my clients in moving forward.

This is not about help, this is about assistance. I empower my clients to discover their own way forward and to develop skills that will not only serve them well at that moment in time, but skills they can re-use over and over. 

Even more, I encourage my clients to share their new skills, insights, learnings and models with others around them, so the ripple effects positively impact both my client and the people who are around them.

Try it out, here are some FREE Resources for you to experience....

Free resources 
click the image to access
free guide and build your
self esteem with grace and eligance
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free guide and discover how
to press the pause button of life

Did you like those resources? 

Want to know more about what i offer?

To love ourselves is a truly powerful way to live.

The True You Program is specifically tailored to meet your desired needs and outcomes, which comes with full support and access to me 24/7.

Imagine if you were able to live the life you dreamed of every day...

Well dream no more....find out more - True You Program

RAW Coaching is a step-by-step coaching process. It is not a program, the pace is determined by you. 

Session by session we can unpack what is impacting you at that particular moment. 

This type of Coaching is ideal for someone on a budget, or wants to explore what coaching is about.

If you have an interest find out more - RAW Coaching

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