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12 Pillars of Conscious Leadership

leadership is a skill and if that skill is not maintained it will fade and die.

If your Leadership foundational skills are not continually developed and enhanced, your overall Leadership will falter and fail when it is tested.

Leadership is a skill and is something that needs to be consistently grown, developed and nurtured.


You may be an emerging Leader who is trying to find their way in a new landscape, or you may be an existing Leader who has been around the block a number of times.

Regardless of where you are in your Leadership journey the foundational skills of Leadership are critical to the impact and outcome of your Leadership.

As with anything in life, if we are building from a very strong, stable and solid foundation, then what we build on top of that foundation will stand the test of time and weather the strongest of storms.

However if you foundation is weak, and unstable, it will not take much for everything you have built upon it to come crashing down.

This is something that I have recognised from my 20+ years of Leadership training and experience from when I was in the military and the further training, development and execution of my Leadership skills in the private sector.

If your Leadership foundational skills are not continually developed and enhanced, your overall Leadership will falter and fail when it is tested.

This is why I have developed the “12 Pillars of Conscious Leadership” training program.

This program is specifically designed to focus on and develop an individual’s knowledge, understanding and awareness of these critical foundational skills that all great Leaders need to master.

Even more, I have used models and frameworks to ensure that each module is easy to understand, relatable and simple to implement into any Leadership role.

The “12 Pillars of Conscious Leadership” will assist both emerging and existing Leaders to develop and strengthen their core foundational Leadership skills, because like any skill, unless you use it consistently, fine tune it and develop it, you skill will fade.

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Below is a breakdown of the 12 Competencies that creates leaders who lead with grace and humility. Through raising your conscious awareness to these competencies you will be an even more effective leader and influencer.

This Leadership style in turn naturally grows and cultivates a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

Pillar 1 – 6 Essential Skills all Leaders Must Have

  • What creates choice?

  • 5 Levels of development.

  • How to empower those around you through their thoughts and choices.


Pillar 2 – Being Comfortable with Emotions

  • Understanding emotions, what are they, why do we have them?

  • Emotions v Feelings – what’s the difference?

  • 4 Step strategy to dealing with emotions.

  • Shame – how to understand what Shame is and recognise it.

  • How to turn Toxic Shame into Healthy Shame.


Pillar 3 – Relationship development 

  • There are 6 universal needs of every single human being and if they are not met, there is disconnection, resentment and a bare minimum mindset.


Pillar 4 - Calibration of yourself, others and situations using emotional intimacy

  • Bring conscious awareness to the way in which we create reality in our minds.

  • Understand and develop filters that will serve us well and to be able to create different perspectives.

  • Feedback, the importance of feedback and how to give and receive it.

  • Develop an understanding of the universal growth model that applies to everyone.


Pillar 5 - Conflict management & Difficult Conversations

  • Using the skills already learnt, apply them to deal with and manage conflict.

  • Peace Pyramid – a tried and trusted system to managing and resolving conflict.

  • 7 Elements of Evolution – understand where we and others are with regard to the area of conflict and perception.


Pillar 6 – Stress Management & Regulation

  • What is Stress, how does it happen & what is the impact on us and others.

  • How to recognise personal Stress and to regulate and manage Stress in ourselves.

  • How to identify stressful situations, plan and reduce the impact of stress on us, our team and others around us.


Pillar 7 - Growth & Development through effective goal setting

  • Without growth, we stagnate – “We are either green and growing or ripe and rotting”

  • Learn about effective Goal Setting that will ensure constant, sustainable growth and development.


Pillar 8 - Systematic approach to all tasks

  • Without structure there is chaos.

  • Discover an effective, reliable, tested, replicable and sustainable way to planning, that ensures all tasks are carried out in a systematic way. Thus enabling effective evaluation of success.


Pillar 9 – The Power of Beliefs

  • Understanding and recognising beliefs both within ourselves and our team is critical to performance.

  • Being able to differentiate between empowering and disempowering beliefs and knowing how to change the disempowering beliefs into empowering ones is a highly powerful and valuable skill.

  • We dive deep into beliefs, what they are and how do we discover them.


Pillar 10 – How to read others

  • Leadership is about influencing those around you. To do this we need to be able to understand those around us.

  • Discover the 4 key universal drivers we all use and how to determine the commonly used drivers of others, thus enhancing greater connection, trust and engagement.


Pillar 11 - Misalignment

  • How to recognise resistance in both yourself and others with regards to what you are doing, thinking and feeling.

  • Understand the impact of just 1% of misalignment and the detrimental impact it has on yourself and others around you.

  • How to reduce the probability of Misalignment.


Pillar 12 – Debriefing​

  • Using a model that I have adapted from my Military background; discover the value of Debriefing, unpacking, self-reflection and how to use it to grow and develop.

  • Because without effective evaluation you have no idea if you are achieving your desired outcome or just wasting your time, effort, money and resources.


how does it work?

This program has 12 modules (plus 7 bonus modules) upon ordering you will receive an email containing details of how you can create your own log in and account. 

Once you have created your log in and account you are good to go. 

why this program?

Because there is nothing else out there like this (well not that I have seen anyway) that provides the tools, strategies, insights and learnings that are delivered in an easy to understand, relevant way. Which also includes all the materials, videos and break downs so you can grow and develop your foundational Leadership skills, you can evern share it with your fellow Leaders and of course, you get to keep it for future use and reference....


Because this is life long learning

how much?

​This is a launch special offer - limited time only.

$1459 (+GST) (AUD) to access 12 Leadership skills enhancing modules, + 7 bonus modules and all of the videos, models, written explanations.

This program will give you all the tools, skills, insights and understanding you need to be an effective Leader.

So are you in? 

what next?

Simply click the order now button and you will be taken to a secure payment site where you can make your payment.

Once payment is received you will receive an email within 1 hour and you will then be able to start accessing the program. 

If you have not received an email within 1 hour, please first check your junk folder and if you still have nothing, please email me steve@iamenoughcoaching and I will get you sorted. 

I look forward to seeing you in the program

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