This place is full of dickheads...

Updated: Jan 9

Another good person is leaving today because of her...

How does she get away with it, day in and day out

Why doesn't anyone do something about her...

Because they are scared!

She rules the roost...how the hell did we get to this stage?

Because a very basic rule has been discarded by leaders...

The standard you are willing to walk past is the standard you are willing to accept

As a leader, regardless of department or position....this should have been nipped in the bud.

So what went wrong?

People are scared to address these sort of issues, because they think that as a leader they need to be liked.


Fear of disconnection & fear of being seen as a fake or a fraud are the key elements behind this behaviour.

Businesses will continue to hemorrhage staff whilst this is part of their culture.

That culture will only change when the Leaders have the soft skills to lead with grace and humility.

When the Leaders are able to be vulnerable and have the skills to recognise and enforce boundaries...

When the Leaders know what Values and Beliefs are, and even more...

Know and fully understand the Values and Beliefs of the business.

Leaders are not Managers or Supervisors...

Leaders are people who have grace and humility

Who are able to influence others around them because of who they are and what they do.

Leaders can come from any walk of life

Any background, colour, creed, religion, gender, sexual preference...

But without the correct skills and Leader is just a Manager or Supervisor...

and we have enough of those in our work places to last a life time.

A Leader will arrive, with their team beside them at the prescribed time...

With the desired outcomes....

And they will arrive with grace and humility.

Let's go back to the top of this article...

The leaders that are walking past and taking no action...

are they leaders or Managers / Supervisors?

I am sure you can resonate with that one person at work who rules the roost...

I am sure you have experienced this in your time...

Do you have someone like that right now?

If you are a business owner...

How long are you going to keep hemorrhaging staff?

If you are a worker, how long are you going to keep putting up with this until you find an alternative place to work?

I am curious....

what are your thoughts about the difference between Leaders, Managers and Supervisors?

Wherever you are in the world, take care and be kind to yourself

Steve Barker

I am Enough Coaching


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