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Why Comparing Yourself to Others… Is Unknowingly Crushing Your soul?

You’re at home, or maybe at work, perhaps you are even out for a coffee with a friend....

You’re looking at Facebook...or watching people pass by…

We all do it, even me… I bet just like me, you love watching people?

You are seeing or hearing all the wonderful things they have been doing…

You notice the nice clothes, or the great car they are driving…

You hear how they have been promoted at work, or how they are being given awesome opportunities…

You hear how great their life is…

How happy they are…

They tell you about the great night out they just had with their friends…

Or the 2nd mini holiday with their great partner that they have had already this year…

You think to yourself, internally, how come this great stuff isn’t happening to me?

You think, how come I am not getting that opportunity…

Why am I not able to afford those nice clothes, or nice car?

How come they are on holiday again, or out socialising with their friends again …

Where is my holiday?

I can’t even get 1 holiday a year, let alone 2!

And then……..you start to compare….

”I work just as hard as they do” or ”I do that at work, so why didn’t I get promoted”…

Or “How come I wasn’t offered that opportunity”…

How about “I work just as hard as them, I do as good as job as them, probably better if the truth were known!”

Then comes the justification…

“They must be borrowing heaps of money”

“They must be in so much debt”


“Whose backside do they kiss to get that promotion, they couldn’t have got it on merit…”

And so it goes on.

But you know what…

This Comparison is Destroying Your Happiness.

We are all shooting for happiness, connection and significance, in some cases – status.

Day in - day out; you strive for all of these things…

Occasionally you may hit a few of them…

Are you constantly seeing others “Living the Dream” instead of “Dreaming to Live”…

What do you do?

You analyse, you question and you compare what you are doing against what they are doing?

You become envious, and before you know it…


You start to gossip to anyone who will listen (and there are plenty who will)…

May I ask you…have you ever heard yourself saying any of these questions? (Please be honest)

“How can they afford that?”


“What were they thinking when they got dressed this morning?”


“How did they get promoted, what they did today was hopeless”


“My partner is driving me mad, they are so…inconsiderate/lazy/uncaring/rude/selfish”

Have you ever run someone down to make you feel better?

Do you embellished the truth to make you look more important, more successful, more liked?

Have you ever undermined a person in a position of authority (a boss or supervisor)?

Even more…

Have you ever been that other person who is being “bagged out” “Gossiped about” or “Undermined?”

Is this unconsciously costing you real happiness & fulfilment?

Are you consciously aware that you are doing this?

Are you even consciously aware of the envy you are creating in your subconscious?

A wise person once quoted …

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our Behind the Scenes with everyone else’s Highlight Reel”

So…what is this subconscious comparison that you are doing, costing you?…



Self – Esteem?






Self – Worth?





If so..?

How can you do something about it?

Especially if you are doing it subconsciously and probably don’t even know when you are doing it?

Imagine being able to catch yourself in that moment?

Imagine being able to be aware?

If there is this unresourceful way - that must mean that there is also a resourceful way…

What would resourceful comparison look like, feel like?

If you did comparison in this resourceful way, will it improve your –



Self – Esteem?



Status in life?



Self – Worth?


Sex life?



If you think it will…

I have put together a quick action guide you can consume in 5 minutes. In the guide you will discover the exact step by step process you can use to change your awareness, catch yourself in the moment and STOP the unresourceful subconscious act of comparison. Even more, I will give you a process of being able to still compare, but in a resourceful way that will enable you to feel HAPPY, CONNECTED and to be TRUSTED, with people who you do and don’t know.

You can claim yours now completely for FREE by clicking the button or the image below…

Get my Free Guide Now

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