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Snow globes & Emotions

What do snow globes and emotions have in common? Emotions are a massive and very complex topic to discuss with my clients. There are so many different types of emotions, they impact everyone in different ways... And when I ask what the difference between an emotion and a feeling is, very few people can give me an answer. One of the analogies I use when discussing an emotion is the snow globe. When you shake a snow globe the little plastic flakes fly around and hang in the liquid creating a snow like scene.... The image is somewhat distorted by all of these small snow particles falling through the liquid. However, if you give it time, the snow particles settle and the image is clear again. This is the same principle as emotions... When we have emotions, we are experiencing an internal stirring of our chemicals in our body. This chemical stirring clouds our judgements and decisions. I am sure you have noticed that you can make strange choices when you're emotional... Or not want to make any choices at all. We have to allow time for our emotional "dust" to settle, just as with the snow globe. Some emotions will take a very long time to settle and others maybe a few hours.... Each emotion is different and uniquely different for you. Understanding this simple principle will help us to give ourselves time and kindness to allow our emotional dust to settle... Even more, it helps us to be more compassionate towards others and to recognise that they are unique, just as we are, and that they to will need to allow their emotional dust to settle. Also, our snow globe may get disturbed during this settlement period and stir up the emotions again... This is life, so we have to be prepared for this too. Like I say, emotions are a massively complex topic, however, with a basic understanding we can make a big difference in how we process them. This is one of the many ways that I make the complex simple... My clients love the practical, applicable way that I break down complex information into relatable and easy to understand, bite size chunks. I hope this analogy assists you and if you're curious to know more about what I do and how I can assist you in enhancing your life both professionally and personally, message me, let's have a chat. I work with clients from all over the world, so don't let distance be an excuse. www.iamenoughcoaching.com #stevebarker #leadership #leadershipofself #rawleadership #Leader #humanskills #innerwork #dotheinnerwork #waggawagga #waggabusiness #waggatraining

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