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How to stop the frustration...

Does the frustration train pull into your station a lot?

Do you want to know how to stop it from pulling into your station so much?

Here is how...

Your station only has the capacity for one train at a time...

If your station already is occupied by another train and the frustration train is trying to pull in....it can't and it has to move on past.

What can you put in your station to block the frustration train?

The fascination train...

Very often we can see the frustration train coming....you know what your signs and symptoms are that you are starting to get frustrated.

It is when you feel these very early signs of frustration that the frustration train starts to come thundering down your railway tracks...

However, if you see the frustration train approaching and you become fascinated as to why that frustration train is coming...

The fascination train pulls up....

The more you bring wonderment, fascination and curiosity to your thinking the more full your station will become of the fascination train.....so there will be no room for the frustration train to stop....and it will just have to carry on past you....and off into the distance.

We create the fascination train by asking ourselves...

Why is the frustration train coming?

What am I missing?

What can I do differently?

How has someone else achieved this?

Who has done this before?

What can I take from them that will help me?

We become fascinated about why we are struggling... and that is how you can stop the frustration train from arriving at your platform so often.

This is a very small element of the Inner Work....

See it's not that difficult.

Give it a try....let me know how you go

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