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Build a backbone not a wishbone

Luck is the same as wishing.... It is bullshit

I know, big statement isn't it?

But let's take a look at this...

If we leave things to luck, we are still planting a seed of an idea, or thoughts of an outcome in our mind

Now our mind is the most powerful thing we will ever own and experience...

Because when the mind has a glimpse of something it will start working out what the rest of the picture looks like.

Now, we can either wish for something, pray for something, put it out to the universe or hope lady luck will shine down on us.... Whatever we do, we have already planted that seed in our mind garden.

We now have a choice...

We can actively pursue this outcome, work hard, nurture, feed and care for that seed, watch it grow... Support that growth and keep working hard to keep it growing...


We can choose to do nothing and see if that seed manages to grow all by itself... When we choose this option we are choosing luck, wishing, praying, putting it out to the universe...

So you can either hope and pray that the universe will take care of you and get lucky now and then...


You can focus, do the work hard and create your desired garden of outcomes.

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