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Risk & Fear

What is risk?

Would it be fair to say risk is uncertainty?

Because we don't know what the outcome will be?

Let me ask you a question if I may?

Can you just check this for me...

Are you still breathing?

and do you still have a pulse?

Good , that means that you have embraced risk and uncertainty many times before and won.

So why does it still hold far then?

Because, you don't trust yourself!

When you don't trust yourself you are fearful of 3 things...

1. The fear of not being connected to others or losing that connection.

2. The fear of not being enough, being exposed as a fake/fraud, of being judged.

3. The fear of not being loved, same as #1 but on a much deeper level.

When you know and understand these fears you can manage them, they will still be there, but with less intensity...

Which means you can embrace the uncertainty with more certainty... Then combine that with your previous experience and you can take healthy risks comfortably.

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