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How to become unstuck

We all run strategies to achieve things...

Take starting a car for example, you open the car door, shut in the drivers seat, insert your car key, turn the key and the car starts... Remove anyone of these stages and the car won't start...

What are you doing when remove a stage?

You are changing the strategy to get a different outcome.

So why as humans are we so set in our ways & habits?

Because inherently we are lazy... Also there is safety in this habits.

Fear plays a massive part in our lives...

And to change something invites uncertainty and vulnerability and that's scary...

So we stay safe and keep running the same strategy.so we keep getting the same results = being stuck!

So how do you change your strategies?

Firstly by becoming conscious of the strategy your running and the outcome you're getting.

Because, once you have conscious awareness of the strategy and outcome you then can change the strategy.... One piece at a time, until you get the desired outcome you want.

It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

Now you have the (very) basic principles of why you are doing what you are doing (and your doing it subconsciously), you now also have the strategy to implement change in your life.

And... Because you have this information now.... If you remain stuck.... Then that is now your choice... And if you are choosing to remain stuck, be consciously aware of it, own it and don't moan about it.

You have no excuse now... None.

Want to take even more control of your life?

Contact me to have a free strategy session

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