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Emotional Intimate Leadership - Training

"Emotional intimacy is all about how you turn the key in the doorway of your True Self. You experience your emotions to completion; you’re spontaneous without being self-conscious; you are present and listen deeply to other; you can be fully vulnerable and feel empowered; you can empathize while still maintaining your personal boundaries; you never feel a victim to your emotions; and you know when you’re repeating a pattern that’s part of your conditioning."

This is a powerful way to live I am sure you will agree, now imagine if this principle is blended into a Leadership model. 

Well, this is the Leadership Training that I have developed and are currently delivering. I call it "Emotionally Intimate Leadership Training" and it is specifically designed for the experienced leader who wishes to take their Leadership skills to the next level and for the emerging Leaders within businesses. 

This training will give the student the necessary skills, tools, insights and understanding to be emotionally intact and even more, to be able to connect with those around them at an emotional level, without having to onboard those emotions. 

This style of Leadership is extremely powerful and is at the forefront of the current trend of thinking. Emotionally Intimate Leaders are flexible, adaptable, quick thinking, action takers that are able to connect quickly with those around them and to be able to influence them. 

An Emotionally Intimate Leader is able to build trust and rapport swiftly, sustainably and gracefully. As you know, these are all key attributes for people in your industry. 

Below is a break down of the 12 module system that is currently being delivered to many different businesses and individuals who are reaping the rewards of becoming "Emotionally Intimate Leaders"

If you wish to access these skills and tools that will put you and your staff head and shoulders above your competitors and create an amazing, inclusive, supportive and sustainable work place culture please email me:


or visit

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