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Employer or Employee - They are still Humans

Employees are human beings & they need to have their 6 core needs met consistently the same as everyone else, including the managers, supervisors, bosses, CEO's etc.

When these 6 core needs are met consistently a bond is formed.

This bond is formed subconsciously because only 15% of people actually know what the 6 core needs of a human being are.

I often hear people referring to communication, compassion, rapport building, teamwork, tolerance, boundary setting etc as soft skills.

Because the word "soft" is used it implies that they can be ignored or under valued.

These "soft" skills are the difference between consistently meeting the 6 core needs or completely missing them.

Employees need to have these core needs met & when they are not met the employee will go & find somewhere where they will be.

The cost for a business to have an employee leave, recruit a replacement, train that person & get them functioning at a good level is on average one third of that employee's annual wage.

Dysfunctional & disillusioned employees are even more expensive as they pollute the entire work place culture & undermine management.

If you are still reading this & you are still wondering how you meet the 6 core needs of any human being then you are part of the 85% of people who have no idea what the 6 core needs are.... What's that costing you?

You as an individual?

You as an employer?

You as an employee?

We all want and deserve to work in a good workplace with a good culture, but that does not happen by accident.

Business Coaching that teaches the "soft skills" is essential to creating that good culture. Even more, if it can be done in a fun, enjoyable and sustainable way the benefits are greatly enhanced.

So, if you are an employee, share this with your boss, supervisor or HR Manager. If you are an employer....think seriously hard about the level of training you are providing, are you training your employee's to just do their job? Or are you investing in having well rounded, constructive, empathetic, reliable, dependable, conscientious employees who are loyal, committed and effective? If you are only training them to do their job....what is costing you?

If you want to invest in your employees visit:

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