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Even the Cleaner is a Leader...

We have all heard the expression "two heads are better than one" ... well what if all of your team were Leaders?
Two Heads Are Better Than One

Who are the people of influence in your workplace, business or organisation?

We have all heard the expression "two heads are better than one" ... well what if all of your team were Leaders?

Imagine, if everyone in your team had a Leadership mindset, from the cleaner all the way up through the execs to the CEO.

This would then be a case of "seventy-five heads (or however many) are better than one"...

Just think of the solutions to problems that would come up, think of all the different ideas that would improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Also, don't forget to take into account how good the workplace culture would be and how engaged everyone would be...

However, there still needs to be a decision maker...

But how do you build a team who are all Leaders, and how do you "Lead" all of these Leaders?

You do it through understanding Human Behaviour and how people operate and why they operate in the way that they do.

This is the only way to truly harness the power of all of these people and project it in one direction.

Because as the Leader of all of these Leaders, you must have the wisdom of Human Behaviour to be able to unlock and decode all of those around you.

It is through this wisdom that you will be able to connect and engage with them at the correct level, with humility and grace, each and every time.

Then, through this connection you will be able to inspire them, and tease out their inner thoughts and ideas.

And, because you know that every great Leader is a great listener and implementor, you will encourage them to implement their ideas, their thinking. You will trial the new strategies, which in turn demonstrates your willingness to try new things.

This will be noticed by other team members, who will see your willingness to listen, your vulnerability to allow others to have a say and they too will come forth with their ideas and initiatives.

Before you know it, the culture is one of ownership, belonging, support, integrity and doing whatever it takes for the greater good.

Long gone are the days of the bare minimum mindset, gossip, sweeping problems under the carpet and hoping for knock off time to come sooner.

How have you got to this point?

By you, the Leader, understanding the Foundational Skills of Leadership, the so called "soft-skills" which in actual fact are the hardest skills for any Leader to master.

Because without these Foundational Skills you will fail to connect with your team, they will fail to cease the opportunities and everyone will only be in it for whatever they can get out of the team, and stuff everyone else.

I have seen this in so many workplaces and team environments that I have personally been part of and also as a Coach and Mentor, had the privilege to work with.

It is the small subtle changes that make the difference. It is certainly not the fake team training events over a pizza or an evening at the local bowling alley.

It is the willingness and courage to listen to your team.

To admit when you have been wrong.

To be vulnerable and relinquish the "power"... by allowing others to take charge, helping them grow and develop.

Only you can do this, you need to Lead yourself in this moment...

By listening to your inner thoughts, tuning into your inner chatter...you know the voice that narrates your life.

How do you do this...?

By understanding Human Behaviour...

Because when you understand it, you can then share it with your team members and empower them...

This is how you get the cleaner to be a Leader within your team...

Because remember, two heads are better than one.....and seventy five heads are even better than one.

If you are interested in discussing how you can discover the wisdom of understanding human behaviour and being able to then implement that into your Leadership, message me, let's have a chat.

Or check out this link below:


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