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Fit your mask now!

In the event of life please fit your own oxygen mask first!

If you have ever traveled on a plane you will have heard the safety brief at the start of each flight.

In the brief we are reminded that we must fit our own oxygen mask first before we assist anyone else...

which makes sense right?

I mean you are no good to anyone if you don't have your mask on and black out because of a lack of oxygen...

The basics behind this strategy is look after yourself first so that you can assist others.

So why do we not apply this to our life?

Why do we always put others needs before our own?

Because we are taught when we were a little person that it is rude to put yourself first, you must share, you must put others before you, because that is the decent thing.

and yes...to a certain extent it is...

However, what happens if you are exhausted, unable to help anymore, are you in a position then to be helpful, kind, caring and be that lovely person you want and feel the need to be?

No, because you are low on oxygen and if you continue you will black out and if unassisted, you will die and then you are zero use to anyone.

We have to take care of ourselves to be able to assist others, self care has to be the number one priority if we are to going to be able be that lovely person you want and feel the need to be?

So, how can we do this is a sustainable way?

By learning about ourselves, after all we are the oxygen that keeps us alive. We are the source of our own energy.

Personal Development is the key and the only key that will assist you to create the sustainable person you want and feel the need to be...

How do you start your journey on Personal Development?

Find someone who has done it already, model them, learn from them, get inspired by them, study them, ask them for assistance and they will gladly give you it, because they know what it is like, they had to start somewhere themselves.

I did...

My advice is to start reading or listening to books, make a promise to yourself that you will grow each day, find a coach, an accountability buddy, read my other blogs, read other people's blogs...

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