Great Leaders don't have titles

Leadership is not a title like a manager, supervisor, business owner etc...

A leader is a position that is developed by them by growing themselves, their understanding, their abilities and then sharing all that they have, with all of their being to those around them so that those around them are able to benefit...

Even more, a great leader is someone who will inspires those around them to become leaders as well, through their example they will lead the way and demonstrate the power of giving and sharing all that they have for the greater good of others.

A great inspiring leader is not in it for their own gain, but their rewards will come and they will come in barrow loads, their rewards will be so great they will not have the capacity for them all and in their true spirit, they will also share their rewards...

Imagine being a great inspiring leader....

Imagine if your work place was full of people like this?

Imagine if your family was full of people like this...

Imagine if the majority of people were like this...

How good of a place would the world be?

We all have the capacity to become Great, Inspiring Leaders of ourselves and others, but first we must build the skills, develop the tools and learn how to use them and calibrate them...

If you are interested in becoming an Emotionally Intimate Leader....someone who has grace, compassion, behavioural flexibility, emotional intelligence, awareness, understanding, humilty, kindness, confidence, boundaries, the ability to experience emotions to completion and to be able to understand you can help others experience their emotions as well....

If you are interested in becoming all of this and so so so much more....

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