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How is your workplace training?

Workplace training... How are you doing it?

Are you only giving your staff the training they need to do their job?

Or are you part of the 23% of businesses that actually care about their employees and invest in deeper levels of training?

.... and I am not talking about the bullshit online training that nobody really gives a shit about, you know the sort, let's just get the ticks, print of the certificate and tell HR I have done it so I can get back to what I am supposed to be doing.

When employees (at any level) are truly invested in they feel connected and significant. Those 2 feelings are part of the 6 core needs that all humans must meet all the time to remain functionable.

Let me ask you this.... What is the one thing that all your employees have in common?

Ponder that for a second please....

How about this commonality...

They are all human beings!

What about your clients, customers, suppliers.... Do they have humans too?

So wouldn't it make sense, if you were to offer more than the bear minimum in training, to provide training that will benefit your employees both inside work and outside of it?

Yes, I can hear that objection that just popped into your head...

"why should I pay for training that will benefit my employees outside of work".... "they can pay for their own personal development"

However..... What if that training made the difference between good levels of interaction to high quality, replicable, effective levels of interaction across entire company, including suppliers, customers and clients? 

Imagine the time, effort and money saved in misunderstanding, frustration and blame. 

The training I am talking about is fun, interactive and relevant to all human beings... 

I provide a unique blend of Experiential Training and Human Behaviour Coaching for business teams. 

This style of Business Coaching creates a culture of loyalty, unity and confidence within businesses. 

Businesses who have already experienced this level of training have seen staff retention rise dramatically, workplace infighting removed, acceptance and tolerance increase and overall employee output drastically increased. 

To learn more about how your business can access this unique training system and business coaching please follow the link below:


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