How thinking like a baby can help us...

Managing our expectations will enable us to feel at peace...

Let's look 👓 at perfect...

What is perfect?

Without flaw...

Without mistake...

Without fault...

Is anything in this world 🌏 perfect?

So, why do we think we need to be perfect?

When a baby 👶 learns to walk...

Does that baby just stand up and off it goes?

No, it makes mistakes, it gets things wrong, it hurts 😥 itself in the process...

But does that baby ever give up?

No, it keeps getting up and eventually develops the necessary skills to be able to walk....then thinks what's next.....running.

We need to bring this level of thinking back to our adult world...

Imagine what you could achieve if you did?

For more life hacks, hints, tips, understandings, ideas and inspiration visit the link below which will take you to a menu of items you can access to assist you your journey to becoming the very best version of yourself.


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