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"I was at an increadibly low point in my life. I was afraid and fear was paralysing me..."

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

I have just received this testimonial from a client who has just completed the "True You" program ... I wanted to share it with you, because it sums up the positive impact of Professional Personal Development and the changes it can have.

This is what El had to say about her experience of working with me through the "True You Program"

"I have just completed the True You program with Steve Barker from I am Enough Coaching.
When I first met Steve, I was at an incredibly low point in my life. I was afraid, and fear was paralysing me. I was in a new job and I was so afraid of making a mistake that it was holding me back from achieving my best and I was at risk of losing that job. I knew something had to change.
I had heard about Steve before from my gym where he had done a talk. I looked him up online and gave him a call.
The first time I met Steve I was very teary, I had no self-esteem or confidence in my ability to do anything. Life was hard and my relationships were suffering. I felt like I should be happy, but I wasn’t. I had a lot of negative self-talk going on, was feeling judged and didn’t like myself very much.
For me, The True You Program helped me understand myself better. I was able to look inside myself and explore the parts of me that I wanted to change or improve. It has enabled me to get past my fear, build my self-confidence and self-worth and become brave, have some fun and not take myself too seriously. I used to avoid things for fear of being judged. I now care less about what other people think because I like myself and I don’t need other people’s approval to feel good about myself. I now know what my values and beliefs are, which I did not before, and can I make decisions based on those values and beliefs. For me, being able to recognise what is best for me was a major step forward.
The thing I liked about the program the most was the support it offered. In my first session with Steve on the True You Program I remember him saying to me that he would walk beside me on this journey with me and I feel that is exactly what he did. If I had an issue or needed to talk something through Steve was always there at the end of the phone. I felt supported and guided by him.
I also loved the goal setting part of the program and have set goals and am working towards them. This gives me a sense of achievement and I have learnt to celebrate my wins no matter how small.
After completing the True You Program, I feel empowered and I feel like I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. I have got my self-confidence back and have a positive mindset now. I feel like I have found myself and am able to get past the fear and do the things that make my life better. My relationships have also improved. (my husband says I am more present now).
Steve is funny, informative, caring and is passionate about what he does. I would highly recommend Steve Barker and I am Enough Coaching to anybody, he has really helped me change my life."
El , Wagga Wagga

This is El's experience of the True You Program. The program is 6 months and the impact not only for El, but her family, her husband has been tremendous.

This is not just an isolated experience, I have had heaps of testimonials from others who have completed the True You Program and they all report the same experiences.

I have had clients who have been seeing Counsellors and Psychologists for years and they report that they have experienced little or no change in their lives. Then after 6 months of coaching, they feel confident and able to move forward from where they were.

So if you know anyone who is feeling stuck or wants to enhance their life or relationships, then please share this blog with them.

El is living, walking, talking proof that change can happen....when you decide it is time for that change to happen.

Until then, you will only remain where you are, or regress.

For more information follow these links:

or email Steve - steve@iamenoughcoaching.com

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