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Important message for Goal Setters

Do you set goals?

If you do great.....if not...I bet life is very much like this little boys face.....scary

Goals enable us to be able to enjoy the moment rather than worrying about the future and the "what if" stuff.

As we approach Christmas many people will be looking forward to switching off, doing less and enjoying time with family and friends......which is great.

But, if you are a goal setter, and if you are, you already know the benefits of being one......will you be taking a couple of weeks off from setting your goals so you can put your feet up?

Don't do it!!!! by all means put your feet up, but continue to write your goals, set goals around putting your feet up...

Why do I say this?

Because goal setting is a habit and it only takes a few seconds to break a habit and a life time to rebuild it.

So, maintain the habit of sitting down and setting your goals for the week ahead....

Make the goals around the week ahead, because as you know, being a goal setter....what we focus on is what gets done and happens.

So write goals about being with family, creating memories, really being present with a relative that you have not seen for years, perhaps it is to recharge your batteries, or enjoy the food....whatever it is....maintain the muscle and discipline of goal setting.

You will be grateful you did when it comes to the New Year and you are still in the routine and swing of doing it....

If you are not a regular goal setter and you are wondering what this is all about.....and I am guessing you are because you have read this far....

Goal setting is like having a "Super Power"

It gives us the ability to be able to really focus on what needs to happen and getting it done.

Goal Setting removes procrastination

Goal Setting builds self confidence and self esteem

Goal Setting provides focus

Goal Setting gives us purpose each and every day

Goal Setting brings clarity and calm to the chaos of life

Goal Setting gives you back time, money and energy

Goal Setting is what seperates the successful people in life with everyone else...

Goal Setters have not been rushing around over the last few weeks worrying about gifts, money, who wants what, do I have enough of this and that.....Goal Setters are now calmly relaxing and looking forward to the Festive period.

Because Goal Setters have the "Super Power"

If you want to learn more about the Power of Goal Setting and want to know how to do it at a proffesional level that will impact all levels of your life, including your personal and family life (for example over christmas), then hit me up, message me and I will share with you how you can become part of the elite 3% of the entire population who actually set goals and make the magic happen, week after week and with very little effort....

Do you want to be part of the 3%'ers?

Happy Christmas

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