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Millennials - myth, rumor and misunderstanding...but at what cost to your business?

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Millennials - myth, rumor and misunderstanding...but at what cost to your business?


There are many myths and misconceptions regarding millennials and they are generally held by Gen X's and Baby-boomers...

Millennials have been generalised as entitled, lazy, taking the easy option... Hence the image below.

But when we do the research and we understand this generation we see that their mindset has been determined by the period in which they grew up in.

We saw the global economic crisis, people lost jobs, homes and had their possessions repossessed.

Full Time employment is very much a thing of the past now, most employers are offering short term contracts or permanent part-time positions.

Everyone was told to go to university, get a degree and you will get a great job...what do we have now? A generation of debt ridden, highly qualified young people who feel they have been led up the garden path and abandoned.

All of this and much much more has developed this generations thinking and attitudes.

Millennials are all about the experiences and sharing these experiences together. They want to make an impact and quickly before the next economic crisis...

They earn to experience life, they like change, they want to be part of change, they want to grow, to personally develop...

They want to be employed in a business that values change, growth, development.... Even more they want to be part of that...

Provide the environment for them to flourish and you will harness a powerful, competitive, passionate and dedicated team that will drive your organisation to levels you can only dream of.

When you really understand the generation that makes up almost 75% of the work force, you will be able to create a powerful workforce...

Or, you can keep your limiting beliefs, remain "old school" because you know best and its always been this way and watch those who are willing to embrace the uncertainty cruise past you and motor on to success.

I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, experiences around the material above...either comment on this blog or email

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