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What does Business Coaching look like when it is delivered by I am Enough Coaching?

This week I flew out to Toowoomba - Queensland to deliver my unique Professional Personal Development Training for Teams to a mining company.

I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to have a video made to capture the essence of what "I am Enough Coaching" does in it's unique style of Business Coaching where Experiential Training is used to deliver the training and how it is then blended with Human Behavioral models to enhance the experience and make it even more relevant to the participants.

As you can see, there was an enormous amount of fun being had and the participants took on board heaps of new learnings and insights without even realising it, because they were having so much fun.

You will see that this unique business coaching (training) experience can be held in any location, a classroom or a park....this is the beauty of this style of business coaching (training)....it is totally adaptable to suit all environments and team dynamics.

The impact this 1 day training event had on the team was immediate. The level of cohesion, trust, communication, tolerance and understanding increased throughout the training and the team now have tools that they can take both into their professional environment and their personal life that they can use and benefit massively from. This is a "win-win" for all involved.

To find out more....Contact me to inquire how this unique business coaching (training) can benefit your business and staff.

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