Why is life so difficult?

How often do we find ourselves busy with "busyness"

We get so hell bent on achieving an outcome we plough on through without a thought of how it could be done better....

We are so deeply involved in the task the we cannot see the woods for the trees...


If we were to take a moment, just a few seconds to look around us, to check in with ourselves and ask a question...we would see that there are other solutions.

We can do this at anytime....but generally we don't....

Why is that?

Because of one of the universal fears of all human beings...

The fear of being judged, seen as a fake or fraud, of getting things wrong...

The deep rooted fear is present in us all and plays a massive part in our life....

Because nobody wants to be wrong....

Nobody wants to admit they failed....

Why would you put yourself through that?

So instead of perhaps admitting it, we push on through, making life harder than it needs to be.

I have developed a simple 4 step strategy to help us press the pause button on life and take a moment to look around and see what is happening, to bring curiosity to a situation...

It is called the "STAR Principle" which is great for anyone from 6 years to 102 years old...download a copy for free using the link below....it is my gift to you

I know it is a gift, because it works....


Your welcome

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