There is nothing worse than your workplace being like a War Zone where people are constantly sniping, attacking and strategising the downfall of colleagues.

It is draining on everyone, because there is "Collateral Damage" in any conflict.

Even more, it is costing your business $$$$'s every day in wasted time, resources, ill-feelings, disconnection, miscommunication, lost employees, lost customers, sick days, HR interventions, Fairwork hearings and the list goes on and on.

There are many different elements that create tension, frustration and poor workplace culture. Such as:

The generational gap and a lack of understanding and tolerance of each other.

The lack of training, did you know that 78% of people in the work place have not had any formal training?

One of the common things I hear is from Supervisors and Managers who say they have been promoted and have had no training, so they are just expected to manage people and yet have zero training in Leadership skills.

So here are 11 things that can be addressed to enhance, develop and create a great work place culture.

1. Us vs Them - One of the most toxic things in a work place is an "Us vs Them" culture. This can be between departments or teams, it can be between management and the work force. Perhaps even a generational gap....Whatever it is, it needs to stop.

One of the methods I have used very successfully in many businesses that I have been asked to assist, is to break this pattern of behaviour by introducing a "no blame culture". In a nutshell this comes down to not jumping to conclusions and taking the easy route of assigning blame, but bringing acceptance and curiosity to the situation. This in turn will empower those involved to explore the current situation and come up with solutions.

There are many other solutions to address this issue, but this one works well and creates a sustainable, growth based solution.

2. Lack of Vision - Let's face it, when we do not have a clue what is going on, why we are doing it, or even what we are doing it for....Our motivation is zero.

What happens when we have an unmotivated team? Chaos, they find their own amusement, because who wants to do something that they have no idea about.

Now here is the kicker, don't assume they know.....ASK. Seek clarification of understanding, not only will this create engagement, it will also build the relationship and trust, because you actually give a sh*t and you are not seen as being too busy to care. Communicate the big picture as much as the little picture.

3. Poor Communication - This ties in with #2, when there is poor