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Growth... It is one of the 6 core needs that we must fulfil...

But growth doesn't just happen, it has to be worked at...

That's right... Worked at!!

This is one of the reasons why some people don't grow...

Because as a species the Human is inherently lazy...

We choose the path of least resistance constantly...

For example, I am assuming that you are reading this on your mobile phone, tablet or computer?

Why do we have these devices, because it is easier...

Cars, I again assume that at some point in the last week you have been in a car?

Why, because its easier than walking.

What have you done to grow your self this week?

Have you read a book, listened to a podcast?

Read my daily posts and applied the strategies shared in them?

If you have done nothing or minimal effort that is because you are following the normal pattern of human behaviour and choosing the path of least resistance.

Growth takes constant conscious effort...

What will you do consciously for the rest of the week to ensure that you grow within yourself?

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