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You grow, nurture, tend and love your garden...

You have created a thing of beauty...

People want to come and explore, enjoy and be part of your creation.

There are flowers, vegtables, fruit in abundance...

You don't mind if they help themselves to an apple, some carrots or pick a flower or two...

After all, this is what you created this beautiful garden for...

So you can enjoy others experiencing your hard work...

But what about those who come in and take bags of apples away with them...

Chop off all your beautiful rose heads and use them to decorate their homes with your blooms?

Because there will always be those people...

This is where our lives, become like our garden...

If we allow anyone to come in and rampage through our garden ...

we will soon become tired of replanting and caring for our garden.

We will start to question why we even bother...

We may ultimately give in and say it is just too much hard work...


We can put up a nice fence to protect our garden...

A fence that will allow people to see the beauty of our garden.

We will also need a gate to our garden so we can allow people to come in...

On that gate we need to communicate our rules...

The rules of the garden, so nobody takes advantage.

  1. Please come in, enjoy the garden respectfully

  2. Take what you need, you're very welcome to anything

  3. Only take what you need, no more

  4. Where possible, please re-seed what you have taken

  5. Anyone found taking advantage will be asked to leave

  6. Continual abuse of the garden will result in expulsion

  7. We can all enjoy the garden, I hope you enjoy what I have created.

By communicating our rules, creating the fence to keep the garden safe we can all enjoy the garden.

Boundaries are a difficult thing to explain...

Even more difficult to enforce gracefully...

But with some imagination and kindness we can ensure that what we have created is not destroyed

We grow in confidence and just like our garden, we flourish and bloom and attract many beautiful people

How do you maintain your garden of life?

Personal Boundaries are like gardens

Wherever you are in the world, take care and be kind to yourself

Steve Barker

I am Enough Coaching


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