Cor ... It's a Latin word, but what does it mean?

Updated: Jan 9

Language is extremely important

When it is broken down hidden meanings are found...

In this case, the word Cor means

"Tales from the heart"

Well that is very nice to know, but what relevance does it have?

Cor is the Latin word for Courage...

Now can you see the relevance?

Think about what you do when you have something difficult or dangerous to do?

You talk to yourself, you convince yourself you will be OK.

You tell yourself stories through imagining how you will attempt this thing...

Where do you think those stories come from?

From deep inside you...

From your subconcious...

Therefore......you are your own source of Courage...

No one else

Just you...

Only you... can be your source of courage, because the "tales" have to come from your heart...

Dig deep and you will find them...

They are there...

Wherever you are in the world, take care and be kind to yourself

Steve Barker

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