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Everyone deserves better Leaders

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Right now, as we continue the rollercoaster ride of Covid, good, strong Leadership has never been so important to your business or your life.  Your staff, your customers, your managers, your supervisors, your leaders and your family are looking to you to make great decisions that will positively impact them. It is a massive responsibility to shoulder and for many it is a big burden that leads to sleepless nights, stress, anxiety, worry and in some cases ill health. Being a Leader is one of the most difficult roles to fulfil and the (so called) "soft skills" are the key to being a good Leader or an outstanding Leader. I have no idea why they are called "soft skills" because they are hardest to understand, implement and master. They are core to every connection and interaction that we have with any other human being whether that be professional or personal.  I am Steve (bio) and I am a Leadership and Personal Development Coach based in Rural NSW, but I work with people and teams all over the world. I have written, developed and now deliver a 12 module Leadership Program which delves deep into the "soft skills" of Leadership.  This Leadership Program is based upon by 26 years experience of being in the Military and being a Military instructor for 15 years, including being hand selected as a basic recruit instructor. I have taken my experiences of living all over the world, the different cultures and leadership styles I have been exposed too and blended this with my knowledge and understanding of Human Behaviour to create this unique evidence and fact based Leadership Training Program. This Leadership Program will give you not only the skills, but the understanding and strategies behind the skills to ensure that you can implement them with grace and humility. The benefits of undertaking this Leadership Program are profound:

  • Less Stress

  • Better communication, interaction, understanding and tolerance

  • Enhanced work place culture

  • Increased loyalty and retention

  • Meaningful, fulfilling and respectful relationships (both professionally and personally)

  • Increased income

  • Better decisions

  • Less conflict and turmoil

  • The list goes on and on

Follow this link to explore the breakdown of the 12 modules:

If this is something you are seriously interested in exploring further, either for yourself or a staff member please contact me: steve@iamenoughcoaching.com or call 0499 152 552.

The Leadership Program can be delivered in a multitude of different ways from face 2 face sessions to Zoom meetings.

It can be delivered in a time frame to suit your needs from a module each week to one module a month.

The Leadership Program comes with all the materials, books, videos required.

Most importantly, it comes with full support, which means full access to me as your coach so that we can together work through the implementation of these new skills and specifically tailor them to your exact needs within your business and external life.

This is the full package, here is what one of my clients said about their experience of the Leadership Program.

There are plenty of Business Owners, Managers and Supervisors in the world, we don't need any more of them...

But, we do need high quality Leaders that make a difference to all those around them.

Discover how to Lead with grace and humility and make the difference that will ensure your business stands out head and shoulders above all of your competitors.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for taking the time to read my email.

Take care


I am Enough Coaching

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