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How to Live Consciously

Living consciously means experiencing life at its essence. Read more to discover how to raise your conscious awareness through doing in the Inner Work.
How to Live Consciously

How Does Living Consciously Impact Life?

Living consciously means giving meaning and awareness to our life, actions, thoughts, and everything that impacts our life – even to the outcome that follows our decision. Everything that we experience around us is the outcome of our actions and decisions, and it’s in our hands to mold it as per our values and beliefs.

Some might argue that they are always living consciously because they never sleepwalk, neither have they ever crossed the road with their eyes closed, but living consciously has to do more with your mind than what you simply perceive. When you are aware of what goes in your mind and understand that mistakes can be corrected, that’s when you actually live consciously.

Another aspect of conscious living is to believe that our feelings are not infallible, and they are there to guide us, not guarantee us. We ought to comprehend the difference between reality and fantasy. Living consciously entails living actively rather than passively. When we let ourselves grow and pick a new idea from a different perspective, we start getting attracted more towards the truth.

We need to have intelligence that delights in its own function. Meaning that we have to believe in our abilities and imaginations that we can do what we want to do. Humans are meaning-making machines that own the capability to deduce meanings out of complex situations in life, and that is what we are entitled to do: understand what’s going on around us and raise awareness.

Conscious living is only possible with extended awareness to focus on our present moments. Just like we are aware of our past and believe in the future, but we also know that the future hasn’t come yet. So, if we are going to focus more on our present by learning from the mistakes of the past, we can have a better future.

Ignoring the facts just to feel content will not render you a conscious living, but staying aware of your shortcomings and taking lessons from where you went wrong will surely be a way out. The choice is all ours whether to play low and hide beneath the upsets in life or raise awareness to conquer the recurring sub-consciousness in our mind.

If we want to live consciously, we have to set benchmarks to keep track of our goals and core values because going aimlessly can drift our focus. To make sure we are on point, we have to open ourselves to new knowledge and ideas for validity and review of our old assumptions. This openness to new concepts helps strengthen our self-awareness and grant us the true ability to live our lives consciously.

For some great tips, insights, hints, hacks about raising our conscious awareness listen to the Inner Work Podcast with Steve Barker

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