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Humans all follow patterns of behaviour. How are your patterns impacting your Leadership?

As humans one of our "go to" behaviours is reacting.

We all do it, it's in our nature to react, it's a survival mechanism...

However, as we know, through our own personal experience, it is not the most productive behaviour.

Very often when working with my clients, if I am able to provide them with physical examples of what behaviour looks like, sounds like and feels like they are able to really raise their conscious awareness to those behaviours.

This graphic below is a great example of the difference between reaction and response and we can see from the examples, what it sounds, feels and looks like...

Human Behaviour is a very complex web... As a Professional Personal Development & Leadership Coach, I turn the complex into easy to understand, relatable and practical information that my clients can then implement immediately.

So, I encourage you to study this graphic and see if you can recall when you have carried out both of the behaviours... As you recall the time, think of who was present.. What were their reactions.

What sort of language was being used? Don't forget to recall the internal chatter that would have been going on for you.

Think about the emotional side of the event, how were you feeling, what were your emotions and what were the emotions of others involved.

Even more, what were the after effects and impact both on yourself and others. Now as you have been able to compare both behaviours and all that goes with them and you have your real life memories and experiences to add to the mix...

Do you think that you can catch yourself in that moment just before you choose reaction or response and choose what will serve you and others in the best way?

Because this is the key to Leadership... Being able to understand and know your patterns of behaviour, being able to recognise and understand the more universal, primal patterns of behaviour in others... So that you have the power to press the pause button on life, think and choose the best behaviour for you and those around you...

The key to becoming an excellent Leader is in the ability to decode the human within you and around you and to be able to do this instantly.

Want to know more about how you and your Leadership team can do this, contact me.

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