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Sharing the importance of creating great leaders

This morning I had the privilege to present to 25+ local businesses and to share with them the importance of creating great leaders in their work places and other areas of their lives.

Perhaps this is you.... you feel tied to the business and unable to escape:

· As a business owner you feel tied to your business. You are unable to step away because you don’t have anyone who you can trust to act on your behalf and in your best interests.

· You need a break from the business, a holiday, a retreat, time to recharge your batteries and come back firing on all cylinders and you need this desperately before you burn out, but who will step up while you are away.

· You want to grow your business and need to spend time working on the business rather than in the business, but you feel you have no-one in your team who will fill your shoes.

· You have grown the business to a stage where you want to enjoy being the owner rather than the manager, but you have no succession plan or have anyone who will step into your role.

· You are looking for an exit strategy and want to sell the business as a going concern. Your business advisor has said the business will be more valuable if you have an effective manager in place, who is that person?

Or maybe this is relevant? - Recognition of effort:

· You have a team member who is really flying and doing great, you want to reward them but are unsure what would be the best way.

· Offering them the opportunity to personally grow and develop as a leader will benefit both them and you within your business and outside of it.

· You will also be future proofing your business as you will have a leader that you have assisted to shape and develop to meet the needs of your business.

· This recognition of effort will increase loyalty and will inspire others to achieve the same level so they too can be rewarded for their efforts. Leadership is a key element for us to understand as individuals and also within groups such as families, sports teams, social groups, voluntary groups and of course the work place.

Perhaps you have a disruptive, but extremely valuable team member:

· You have a highly effective team member who operates at a very high level for 85% of the time and get great results, but for the other 15% of the time they are negatively impacting those around them and this creates chaos, ill-feeling and a toxic work environment.

· You have the choice of either getting rid of them, or providing them training so that they can fine tune the 15%.

Or you would like to - Creating / Enhancing the workplace culture:

· You want to create or enhance your workplace culture but you don’t have the time to dedicate to this extremely important task.

· You have identified an ideal person(s) who have the attention of your team. Who are able to communicate and influence your team, but they don’t have the necessary skills to really pull this off.

· Given the correct training, insights, understanding and strategies this person will be able to positively impact those around them and bring onboard the entire team.

· The benefit will create an environment where you have a team full of like-minded leaders who are all pulling in the same direction but using their unique skills, personalities, ideas and perspectives to enhance the workplace.

Leadership is a key element for us to understand as individuals and also within groups such as families, sports teams, social groups, voluntary groups and of course the work place.

If you are interested in understanding how you can maximise your leadership skills or enhance those of a team member send me a message

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