What is the point...

Updated: Jan 9

Infuriating would have been a good word to describe the mood...

This seemed impossible.

Let's just throw it in the "fcuk it" bucket and give up.

I am sure you have experienced this...

In a word this is "failure"

Failure, is a horrible word and does so much damage to our inner-self...

Do you remember when you were at school and your failed a test....how did it feel?

We hate that feeling and we will do anything to avoid it...

No one wants to fail.

So, subconsciously we come up with a strategy to ensure that we don't experience this feeling too often...

For many people, this strategy is to not try.

This leads to us subconsciously feeling like we are not good enough...

We compare ourselves to others who are succeeding and wish we could too...

How do we overcome this?

We need to change our thinking...

We need to reprogram our subconcious belief...

How about thinking it this way?

" You either win or you learn. You can’t fail"

What if you believed that failure doesn't exist...

Because if it doesn't exist.... how can you experience it?

I know what you maybe thinking right now...."what a load of Bullshit"

But let's look at the evidence...

When you have not achieved your desired outcome - notice how I am changing the language.

If you give up and settle for that outcome have you failed?

No, it is a choice, you have chossen that that outcome is good enough.

You will also have learnt of ways that do not give you the result you really want...

To change a belief, we must find new evidence...

My challenge to you is that the next time you experience "failure" that you change your perspective...

Change that perspective to I have learnt, I have grown...

If I am not happy with the outcome, how can I take what I have learnt so far and go again...


" You either win or you learn. You can’t fail"

Remove the word Failure from your vocabulary!

If you are still struggling with this reach out and I can certainly help you with this and any other roadblocks you may be experiencing.


Wherever you are in the world, take care and be kind to yourself

Steve Barker

I am Enough Coaching



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