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"Yeah but..." is killing your business, your growth, your potential

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Yeah but....

"....You don't understand our business model"

"...It doesn't work like that here"

"...That wouldn't work because..."

These are standard responses I get from Business Owners, E-suite Execs and individuals when I suggest ideas...

I may not know anything about your business, but I am an expert in Human Behaviour and I know this...

The "Yeah but..." is a primal fear based behaviour....and it is costing those people their future growth and development and it is keeping them 'safe' in their industrial mindset.

Just last week I was having a conversation with an Exec about the concept of changing their workplace Values.

We were discussing different ways to change the culture in their workplace and one of the ways we explored was allowing flexible work hours, particularly as the majority of the team were working from home because of Covid restrictions.

I floated many ideas and received many "Yeah but..." comments...

It was clear that the reason why the business was starting to fail and hemorrhage staff was the inability to evolve and develop...

People do not stay where they are not valued, seen, heard or even cared about.....this is not rocket science, but it is when you are blinded by that primal fear that you cannot even recognise.

Many businesses have already 'pivoted' and adopted new working practices to meet the needs of their staff and they are thriving...

The primal fear I am talking about is the fear of being judged, being seen as a fake or a fraud, of getting things wrong...

This is one of the 3 core fears that all human beings have.

The other 2 are the fear of becoming disconnected and the fear of not being loved.

The fear of change is what is getting in so many people’s lives...

They create a safe problem by using the phrase "Yeah but..." rather than facing the difficult problem of "I am curious, how can we make that work?"

This is a Human Behavioural issue rather than a business problem.

However if it is not addressed and resolved, it will quickly become a business problem as it is for the business that I spoke with last week.

Their staff are fed up, feel caged and controlled.

They are not trusted...

They are not free...

So they are seeking workplaces where they are...

All because the Execs have a primal fear of being judged.

Next time you are hearing yourself say...

"Yeah but..."

Recognise it and replace it with a...

"I am curious....how can we explore that more?"

This is a business example, however, it can transfer across any area of your life.

I may not be an expert on your business, but I am an expert on Human Behaviour and if you have humans in your business....you need to either become an expert on Human Behaviour, or have one as part of your team.

Wherever you are in the world, take care and be kind to yourself

Steve Barker

I am Enough Coaching


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