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Don’t Ask for Your Worth – State It; Everything You Need to Know About Conscious Leadership

Everything you need to know about conscious leadership
Conscious Leadership

Like every other position holder, leaders also make mistakes, receive negative feedback, and sometimes aren’t able to achieve their desired goals. However, in the course of being a conscious leader, one learns that a significant part of the process comes from within. All these negative experiences are easily manageable and depend greatly upon how the person in question reacts to them. This is a deep reflection of their self-worth and self-esteem.

The journey from asking for your worth to stating consists of many steps. Here, we have prepared a mini-guide to help you learn to accept yourself as you are and believe that you have the abilities and skills that make you worthy of being followed.

Turn Off the Critic Inside You

While every individual has an inner voice, people with low self-worth tend to have a more critical one comparatively. This voice can downplay successes, brush off compliments, and highlight shortcomings, mistakes, and failures.

In order to silence your inner critic, start by identifying situations that trigger it. Then, try to replace any disturbing thoughts with positive ones. Remember, the key to being a conscious leader is being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and using them for your and your team’s betterment.

Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

As they say, a person is known by the company they keep. The people you surround yourself with will play a major role in determining the expectations you have of yourself and how you view the world. Make a list of individuals that you believe bring toxicity to the people and try to distance yourself from them as much as possible.

Keeping away from individuals who try to belittle your goals and ambitions is a major step in becoming a conscious leader. It shows that you are not afraid to restructure your network and surround yourself with people who inspire you, motivate you, and lift you higher!

Listen to Motivational Podcasts

If you are looking for a convenient way to learn about conscious leadership and succeed in the business world, well-conceived podcasts such as the Inner Work Podcast are the ideal way to do so. Motivational and informational podcasts, as such, are an easy-to-consume and time-efficient form of communication.

Since this podcast aims at helping listeners understand being comfortable with their emotions, adopting a systematic approach to all tasks, managing stress effectively, and more, it is an ideal solution for individuals looking to become conscious leaders and succeed in life.

Bottom Line

The path to conscious leadership involves practicing self-compassion and determining self-worth. Remember that no one can build self-esteem overnight. It can only be achieved through long-term improvements. Be patient with yourself, avoid dwelling on the negative, and make sure to remember that you don’t need to be perfect! Only then will you be able to become the conscious leader you desire.

Wherever you are in the world....

Stay Safe and Take Care.

Steve Barker

I am Enough Coaching

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