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How to Adopt a Balanced Approach in Life

Having a balanced approach entails replacing judgment with acceptance. Click here to learn how you can adopt a balanced approach in life.
How to adopt a balanced approach in Life

Most of us tend to associate meaning with everything in life. For example, some people believe that focusing on the positive can result in positive experiences. However, that is not necessarily true and does not reflect a balanced approach.

Life has a cellular structure just like atoms. Atoms consist of protons and electrons, where protons have a positive charge and electrons have a negative charge. Therefore, when facing any situation, you need to be aware of both sides of the coin and adopt a more balance outlook.

Here is how you can adopt a more balanced approach in your life:

1. Accept

The first step is to move from fear and judgment to love and acceptance. Every situation you face, explore different perspectives while accepting where you stand right now.

You must tweak your thought process by being equally aware of the good and bad in every situation. Once you acknowledge all perspectives and take responsibility for your actions, you will be better able to accept the situation you are in.

You can have an optimistic point of view, but at the same time, remember that an alternative also exists. Make an effort to adopt an attitude of gratitude for the good things in life, while maintaining awareness about the negative aspects.

2. Set Goals

Think about what you want to achieve in life and make a concrete plan. Understand that you will face ups and downs along the way and prepare yourself for different possibilities.

Talk about your fears, doubts, and worries, and find ways to tackle them. At the same time, keep your focus on achieving the positive outcome and make concentrated efforts to reach your goals.

3. Reflect

Look back at your past accomplishments and see how you were able to stick to your plans despite your doubts and anxiety. Bring more balance to your thinking by exposing yourself to the positive as well as negative aspects. Learn from your past experiences, accept your circumstances, and move forward with a more balanced perception.

After COVID-19, most of us began wondering what the new ‘normal’ was going to be like. If you observe closely, a ‘normal’ never existed in the first place. Just like the earth continues to spin around the sun, the circumstances around us are constantly evolving.

The secret to a balanced approach in life is to replace judgment with acceptance.

Fear and judgment breed resistance, which makes it hard to move forward. On the other hand, accepting our life’s positive and negative aspects allow us to move forward and be grateful.

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